Denali Highway Jeep Excursion


Don’t miss the Denali Highway, the #2 “Drive of a Lifetime” by National Geographic Traveler magazine! Once the gateway to Denali National Park, this 135-mile gravel road is surrounded by pristine nature & is a photographer’s paradise.

Snow-capped mountains, icy glaciers & panoramic vistas flank the Denali Highway. During your casually guided 100+ mile round trip Denali Highway Jeep tour, there are opportunities to see Denali & other giants of the Alaska Range, weather permitting.

New, 4-door Jeeps hug the dirt road, while comfortably seating four adults who can trade off driving. Each Jeep has a CB radio for communicating with the guide so stops can be made whenever desired. As driving the Denali Highway is prohibited by most rental vehicle companies, this exclusive excursion provides access to more of Alaska’s spectacular scenery and wildlife & is a great alternative to crowded bus trips.

Snacks & drinks provided. Car and booster seats are available.


  • Explore the #2 “Drive of a Lifetime” as ranked by National Geographic Traveler magazine on the scenic Denali Highway, a gravel road through untouched wilderness, offering breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains, icy glaciers, and panoramic vistas.
  • Enjoy a 100+ mile round-trip excursion in the comfort of a new, 4-door Jeep, perfectly suited for the rugged terrain and equipped with CB radios for communication with your guide, ensuring a personalized and flexible adventure.
  • Seize the chance to witness Alaska’s natural wonders, including potential sightings of Denali and other majestic peaks of the Alaska Range, all while navigating through some of the state’s most spectacular scenery and wildlife habitats.
  • Since the Denali Highway is restricted for most rental cars and RVs, this tour offers a unique opportunity to explore more of Alaska’s incredible landscapes without crowds.


  • TOUR LENGTH: Plan to be with us for 4 hours, not including transfers.
    – 7:30 am: 5/17/24 – 9/15/24
    – 6:30 pm: 5/17/24 – 8/3/24
    – 5:30 pm: 8/4/24 – 9/15/24
  • TOUR LOCATION: The tour operates on the Denali Highway, just outside the national park.
  • AGE REQUIREMENTS: Drivers must be at least 25 years of age. Passengers can be of any age. We have forward-facing car and booster seats available for young children. Due to the nature and length of our tour, consider whether this is suitable for your young children.
  • DRIVING THE JEEPS: Each party of 2 or more will have their own Jeep and someone will need to drive the Jeep. We stop several times during the tour so driving can be shared. The Jeeps have automatic transmissions. If you are not able to drive, please contact our office and we’ll try to place you in the guide Jeep, if space is available.

Need to Know

  • COMPLIMENTARY SHUTTLE SERVICE: We offer complimentary transportation to and from most Denali area accommodations. See our shuttle schedule for locations and pick-up times.
  • RESTROOM AVAILABILITY: There are portable toilets available before and after your tour. There is one restroom stop during the tour at the Brushkana Creek Campground – See on the map here.
  • WEATHER POLICY: Tours depart and continue rain or shine. The tour covers 100+ miles and spans several microclimates. Weather changes unexpectedly. Views of Denali, glaciers, and wildlife can be weather-dependent.
  • CANCELLATION POLICY: We require a 48-hour (2-day) notice for cancellations and rescheduling of tours. We will work with you to reschedule another more appropriate date. Under 48 hours, changing the reservation day or time will incur a fee, 25% of the total tour bill. If you need to cancel entirely, we will provide a full refund with a 48-hour (2-day) notice.
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The Denali Highway is extremely remote. Please consult your doctor if you have any health-related concerns. The Denali Highway is a public road loosely maintained by the state of Alaska. All driving laws must be followed. Participation agreement must be signed prior to tour departure.


Jeep Tour Details

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Details

  • 4 door Jeeps provide ample space in the back seat
  • Comfortable seating for 4 adults, maximum of 5 per Jeep
  • 4×4 and traction control if needed
  • Heat and Air Conditioning for comfort
  • Automatic transmission and easy to drive

Guided and Narrated Tour

  • Guides will lead the way along the Denali Highway in their own Jeep
  • All Jeeps are equipped with CB radios for two-way communication
  • Have a question or want to stop – jump on the CB and ask your guide
  • Stops made for wildlife sightings and at scenic overlooks
  • Informational facts shared about the Denali Highway and Denali area

Mountains, Glaciers, Wildlife, and more

  • Amazing views of Denali, the Alaska Range, and glaciers – weather dependent
  • Scenic vistas, rivers, lakes, and creeks throughout the excursion
  • Keep an eye out for wildlife – moose, bears, caribou, eagles, and more
  • Use our binoculars and don’t forget to bring your camera
  • Conditions and viewings change with the spring, summer, and fall seasons

The Denali Highway

  • Not the Denali Park Road but the original access to Denali National Park
  • Runs along the southside of the Alaska Range with views of Denali, glaciers, & more
  • State maintained gravel road with little to no services
  • Ranked the “#2 Drive of a Lifetime” by National Geographic Traveler magazine
  • More information about the Denali Highway here 

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Hear What Our Riders Say About Denali Jeep


Yes, all parties of two or more will have their own Jeep. Parties of 1 will be placed with other parties of 1 or with our guide. For larger parties (4+ guests), we fill the Jeeps with a maximum of 4 passengers, then add additional Jeeps.

We have limited space in our guide Jeeps. Parties of 1 or those who are unable to drive have priority.

No. Private vehicles are not allowed past Mile 15 (Savage River) in the National Park. In order to get into the Park, you will have to reserve space on the park buses. The Denali Highway runs east along the Alaska Mountain Range and the DNP Road runs west along the same mountain range. Before the Parks Highway was completed, the Denali Highway was the only way to get into the park. Along the Denali Highway you will get a park experience same mountains, same animals, same taiga and tundra! Glaciers are easily seen from the road and Denali is often visible (weather permitting.)

Weather permitting, Denali is visible along the Parks Highway as the tour heads south to Cantwell and onto the Denali Highway. Denali is also visible along the first several miles of the Denali Highway. Since the tour is out and back, this provides an additional chance to see Denali.

With almost 24 hours of daylight during most of our summer tours, there is no difference between the morning and evening departure! Choose which one fits into your schedule best. Animals usually prefer the cool of the morning and evening to the heat of the middle of the day. Both our tours have similar chances of seeing wildlife.

Yes! Maybe! No! This is not a zoo, so animals are not guaranteed – Moose, fox, porcupines, snowshoe hares, caribou, and occasionally sheep and bears. Morning and late afternoon are typically best times. The Jeep tours get back further into the Alaska wilderness offering better changes to see wildlife.