Denali Highway Overview

The Denali Highway, connecting Paxson to Cantwell, is a 135-mile mostly gravel route offering a remote and scenic drive with spectacular views of the Alaska Range, Susitna River, and Denali itself. Ideal for travelers seeking adventure off the beaten path, it features activities such as fishing, hiking, and wildlife viewing.


The highway is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, including expansive tundra, rugged mountains, and pristine lakes, making it a must-visit for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. For detailed information and highlights, visit’s guide on the Denali Highway.

Experience Denali By Jeep

Experience the breathtaking beauty of Alaska on the Denali Highway, renowned as one of Alaska’s most scenic routes! Embarking on a Denali Highway Jeep tour with us not only promises an adventure through the heart of Alaska’s stunning landscapes but also an intimate exploration of the Denali Highway’s wonders. This spectacular road stretches across 135 miles of pristine wilderness, serving as the original gateway to Denali National Park and offering unparalleled views of snow-capped mountains, vibrant tundra, and crystal-clear rivers.


As you journey along the Denali Highway, expect to be mesmerized by the panoramic vistas that encompass the Alaska Range, including several chances to glimpse Denali itself, North America’s highest peak. The highway’s terrain, a mix of gravel and dirt, weaves through an unspoiled mosaic of natural beauty, providing a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, photographers, and anyone with a thirst for adventure.


Our guided Jeep tours are specially designed to highlight the unique features of the Denali Highway, offering a blend of exhilarating exploration and informative storytelling. You’ll learn about the area’s rich history, geology, and the diverse ecosystems that thrive in this rugged landscape. Unlike traveling in a standard rental vehicle, our Jeeps are equipped to handle the road’s challenges, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey. Plus, with the freedom to stop and soak in the beauty whenever you wish, our tours cater to those who truly want to connect with Alaska’s natural splendor.


Whether it’s the vivid colors of the Alaskan summer or the ethereal light of the midnight sun, the Denali Highway offers a dynamic and unforgettable backdrop for your adventures. Join us for a journey that goes beyond the ordinary, where every turn in the road opens up new vistas and every moment becomes a cherished memory. Let driving the Denali Highway be your path to discovering the wild heart of Alaska, where the spirit of adventure and the beauty of nature converge.


The Denali Highway in Alaska, with its abundant glacial lakes, rivers, and streams, creates a rich ecosystem that supports a diverse array of wildlife. In the summer months, the area becomes a sanctuary for over a hundred different bird species, attracting birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. The landscape’s varied habitats are home to an impressive variety of mammals. Travelers driving the Denali Highway may have the opportunity to spot grizzly bears, gray wolves, and elusive wolverines. Red foxes can often be seen darting through the underbrush, while moose and caribou roam the vast expanses. River otters play in the waterways, and marmots are a common sight among the rocky terrains. This region offers a unique chance to witness the rich tapestry of Alaska wildlife in their natural surroundings, making it a must-visit destination for anyone seeking to connect with the wild heart of Alaska.


More information on the wildlife in the Denali Highway Region can be found here.


Most of the Denali Highway is unpaved. The road conditions will vary, but you should expect it to be bumpy and slow going. It is common for the road to have washboard sections and be dusty. However, improvements are being made each summer so you may experience fewer rough sections than in previous years. The recommended speed is between 30 mph and 50 mph. Services are extremely limited so having a full fuel tank, full-size spare tire and an understanding of how to change it are important. Also, do not expect cell service on most of the road.


Lodging Along The Denali Highway

  • Camping along the Denali Highway: There are a few official campgrounds and plenty of wild camping pull-offs. 
    • Brushkana Creek Campground: A tranquil haven nestled beside the creek, offering rustic camping and stunning views in Alaska’s wilderness.
    • Paxson Lake Campground: A peaceful lakeside retreat offering rustic camping and breathtaking views along the Denali Highway in Alaska’s untamed wilderness.
  • Maclaren River Lodge: Situated along the scenic Maclaren River, this wilderness retreat offers cozy accommodations and outdoor adventures in Alaska’s backcountry.
  • Alpine Creek Lodge: Deep in the Alaskan wilderness, Alpine Creek Lodge provides rustic lodging and access to outdoor adventures amidst untouched nature.
  • Susitna Adventure Lodge: Cradled within the rugged Susitna Valley, this retreat beckons with comfortable accommodations and thrilling outdoor experiences.
  • Clearwater Mountain Lodge: Atop a secluded mountain, Clearwater Mountain Lodge invites guests to rustic charm, stunning views, and outdoor adventures in Alaska’s wilderness.

Other Vehicle Rentals

Renting a Car for the Denali Highway: Prior to renting, be sure to double check that rentals from these companies are allowed on the Denali Highway.

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