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Join Our Denali Highway Jeep Excursion


The Denali Highway is adjacent to Denali National Park. From the George Parks Highway, the Denali Highway runs east along the Alaska Range and the Park Road runs west along the same mountain range.


We provide complementary transportation to and from your Denali area lodging. We’ll transport you to the Jeep site where you’ll get a brand new, automatic, 4-door, Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and prepare for the excursion. If you are over 25 years old with your valid Drivers License, you may share in the driving experience.




It is easy to keep in touch with two-way CB radios in every Jeep for narration and communication between Guides and Guests. If needed, there are several restroom stops along the way or grab a toiletry kit for a visit to Mother Nature. Enjoy light snacks and bottled water or bring your own refreshments (non-alcoholic of course).




While Denali, wildlife, and gorgeous skies are the goal of every trip, wildlife is wild and Denali creates her own weather. Be sure to bring your camera because you will not want to miss all the photographic opportunities! Keep an eye out for wildlife with provided binoculars in each Jeep.




It is easy to lose track of time enjoying the Denali Highway, but we are limited to a 4 hour tour! By the time your Denali Highway Jeep Excursion is over you will have traveled around 100 miles and hopefully captured memories and pictures worth sharing.




Visit the RATES & RESTRICTIONS page for more tour details!

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True Wilderness!
Experiences worth Sharing
This was a definite highlight of our trip! The Jeeps were new, clean & well maintained and the guides we both VERY knowledgeable, witty & fun! We’d had other tours with people just reciting facts at us – these two had a REAL passion & knowledge about AK, Denali & area wildlife. Our tour ran longer than planned due to the abundance of wildlife & our guides willingness to stop & view – and the rare opportunity to see a clear view of McKinley in the distance by midnight sun, was an UNFORGETTABLE experience! Thank you so much for the evening! Julie (via Facebook)
Took this jeep excursion booked on an Alaskan cruise. It was in the evening but in early July it’s daylight all the time it seems. Jeeps were brand new AND 4 DOOR. which made it easy to get in and out. There are 4 people to a jeep and you drive. Narrated by CB radio from the lead jeep, this adventure goes down the Denali Highway about 50 miles and turns around and goes back. Did not see Denali mountain because of bad weather but got what we paid for. Breath taking views of mountain ranges everywhere with vista views of the valleys and streams. We liked this a lot. Neal, Texas (via TripAdvisor)
The jeep tour was so wonderful, Tam and Greg were our guides and they made it even more special. I loved their jokes, interactions between each other and the guests. They pulled over at the perfect spots for wildlife, to have a snack and even blueberry pick! I would recommend going on this tour and adventuring into Alaska even further. Thank you soooo much!! Conner (via Google)
I had a great time on this excursion. Zack and Austin were very knowledgeable tour guides. I had the pleasure of driving the jeep the entire time with Austin. I drove, he spotted wildlife and answered any questions. Overall, a great time! Highly recommend to everyone – tourists and locals. Bill (via Facebook)
We participated in the tour with our two boys (3) and (6). It was wonderful weather even Denali was in full glory. The tour is perfectly organized and with the jeeps, even the little guests have fun. Gekko, Switzerland (via TripAdvisor)
Fantastic way to spend some time in Denali. Even in the rain we were able to see a number of moose, got the jeeps muddy, and learned some interesting facts! Jeff and Greg were great, accommodating us and stopping at all wildlife, and making sure we got the best experience for the gloomy weather. Would recommend it! Rebecca (via Facebook)
If you love nature, scenery, jeeps and meeting knew people, this is a must do for anyone visiting Alaska. Especially if it is your first time there! The guide leads the way in his jeep and communicates all of his knowledge via CB radio and you can communicate to him if you need to. The Jeeps were clean and in very good condition. For me and my wife it was well worth the money! Bob (via Facebook)
We started early and although it was raining part of the time, we saw moose, caribou, & beaver. Jeff was an awesome narrator and unfortunately, we didn’t see all the animals that we would have liked but we learned a lot about Alaska and it’s wild life. The scenery while driving was awesome! Since you can’t control the animals sighted, just enjoy the surroundings! We had some amateur photographers who got some tips from Jeff on where to shoot for the best pic! Thanks for the adventure! Kathy (via TripAdvisor)
Drive the original Denali highway in very nice Jeeps with stops to view wildlife, lakes, beautiful Denali herself, all while listening to narration by a very educated guide. Our guides Jeff and Austin led us to many beautiful settings, and we stopped in 3 different locations to take our pictures of Denali herself, each with a unique view of the mountain. Terry (via Google)
We had a great time driving on Denali highway. We saw trumpeter swans and picked wild blueberries. The scenery is beautiful and the sun setting on the mountains was phenomenal. The Denali mountain was visible as well as Mt Debra. We were told that was a rare site to see them both at the same time. We learned a lot about the Alaskan wilderness during our drive. Zac and Amanda were excited and passionate telling you about their beautiful Alaskan area. Sandy, Virginia (via TripAdvisor)